Born in Melbourne, Australia, I grew up in a rough area at the time where I spent most of my teenage years roaming the street's - without any real direction in life.​

I broke free of these shackles and concentrated on my financial education and now I am a successful businessman and Real Estate Developer. I have started and sold multiple businesses in Property Management, Disability Homes, Real Estate, Construction, Digital marketing, Online Sports Betting and Hospitality.​ I co-founded, an online marketplace for sports enthusiasts to exchange their tips, which received a deal on Shark Tank. Since I was 17, I have built a large and profitable multi-million property portfolio.  I'm a strategic business enthusiast & fun loving person who drinks lots of coffee.  I am here to share stories, encourage and develop skills with you!


I recently spoke to Smart Property Investment about my journey as a property developer. Play the episode below.


Tristan Angelini
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