5 Trending Architecture Styles in Australia

One of the most amazing things about living in Australia is the architecture styles or designs that are known to be mixed eclectic. The influence of Europe and American is quite strong in their designs, but Australia embraces their rich history.

Here are some of the trending architecture styles in Australia:

Contemporary Style

Possibly the most popular architectural style in Australia nowadays is the contemporary style. While it does still have elements of the old style or designs that are mostly used in the past, what really is the key element in this is sustainability because of how much of the homeowners feel that it's important to think about future generations. Sustainable homes make use of materials that are natural such as stone and wood. Preserving and protecting the environment are the primary reasons why it's such an attractive choice for many. Not to mention that it's highly modern and eye-catching.

Art Deco Style

Art Deco is considered a simpler form of architectural style. This design utilizes fewer organic shapes and more graphics. This style is highly popular in Europe, especially in France and Germany, and their distinction is geometric lines. Balconies are featured rather than verandahs, and there are details in the brick walls, ceiling, and glass. It is pretty much a combination of modern and traditional styles.

Art Deco home styles can be seen in the suburbs of cities such as Sydney, as well as in the suburbs of Melbourne and Adelaide.

Victorian Style

Victorian home styles basically date all the way back from the time of Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria's reign spanned from the 1840s to 1901, and a lot of homes particularly in Melbourne have truly embraced this style. The Victorian home style began during the booming period of the Australian economy, and in the beginning, the styles feature brick as well as rendered exterior walls, and as time passes, it has definitely changed into fancier styles with wrought iron terraces and molded ceilings, as well as really bold colors. You can mostly find Victorian-style homes in the suburbs of cities such as Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

Californian Bungalow

Of course, there will always be an influence of the American culture in Australia. It began in the 1920s when there was demand for Californian bungalow home styles because a lot of Australians especially at that time really aspired to have this kind of design. Californian bungalows are known to be affordable and convenient, not to mention relaxing that's perfect for families that have a more relaxed lifestyle. This style of home is often one-storey with backyards and driveways, which later on became permanent features in homes all over the country.


The Queenslander home style was essentially designed to endure extreme conditions such as heat and flooding, even to withstand pests. It is possibly Australia's home style that has lasted for years and years. Queenslander home styles are still being built even to this day because of its practicality and durability. It can be found in the suburbs of Brisbane, as well as in Queensland and NSW.

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