Best Cafés You Can Find in Werribee

When looking for an area to buy a house, it’s not just the actual property you should consider. The neighborhood and how accessible it is to establishments where you can buy your necessities easily should be included in your list whether it is for you or not. Like for example, if you’re someone who has that love for a cup of coffee, and would occasionally go out for brunch with friends, then it’s safe to say that a place near to cafés should be a priority to you. If you have chosen to buy a property in Melbourne, Australia around Werribee, Victoria here are some of the best cafés you can find:


Located in Watton St., Black Seed Café is one of the most well reviewed cafés you can find in the local area. The café offers amazing breakfast foods, so you can most definitely have your smoothie and coffee just the way you want it. The place is also vegetarian friendly so vegetarian customers will not be disappointed because they can find what suits them. Some favorites include their smashed avocado on toast with poached eggs and their salads.


This lovely café found in the Werribee area, specifically in Watton St. as well is known for their amazing breakfast food. Their wide selection of food is a perfect place to catch up with friends over breakfast or lunch. The exterior design makes it seem like it’s a small café but, on the inside, it’s much bigger and can accommodate a number of people. Two of their most well reviewed dishes is their Beef Brisket Burger and Eggs Benedict.


This café boasts of its Australian cuisine and vegetarian friendly meals. This café can be found in Wedge St. This quaint and quirky café is one of the best Werribee has to offer when it comes to breakfast food. It is great for brunch and just coffee anytime of the day. It is also popular for its amazing service.


Unlike other cafés, The Crooked Fork’s menu is much smaller but customers who have tried it vow that it has some of the best tasting breakfast dishes in Werribee. The café is also known to use healthy ingredients, which can be great for vegetarians. The place is great for breakfast and brunch – or even anytime of the day.

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