Companies Find New Perks for their Homebased Workers

More and more companies are adjusting to what’s going to be the “new normal” due to the effects of the coronavirus. Countries that were hit by this virus had to make a quick decision to either stop operations or continue from a remotely where employees can still do their work without the need to go outside. It was a necessary move to ensure the safety of everyone. However, it is quite an adjustment to go through especially for those who have been so used to doing work in the office or fieldwork. But it just had to be done for the sake of everyone.

As companies enter another month while continuing operations remotely, employers are thinking of new ways that could potentially ease the struggles many employees could be facing during these crazy times. After all, the employers are also accountable to their employees and it is their job to make sure that everyone is doing well. Employees were suddenly thrust into a different working environment and because of the unique nature of remote working, there is a need to find ways for people to be motivated.

An example is how Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. made an effort to give their employees free access to meditation and mindfulness service from Headspace Inc., as part of their perk. The company also offered to give mental support to help them maintain focus which would boost the morale of the workers. For them, it was important to give the team members a chance to get away and prevent more chronic stress from taking over their health.

Blackline Inc., a financial software company contributed to the gym memberships of its employees. They are also testing out virtual classes via ClassPass, and each week there is a different theme such as yoga or Pilates.

Perks are not limited to can also be into taking care of the mental health aspect. It can be done in other forms too, like what Montage International decided to do. The company provided memberships to their employees to One Medical where they can schedule appointments with healthcare providers and more as a way to supplement healthcare coverage. It is also used to conduct assessments to make sure that none of their employees have contracted the virus.

Many companies have been doing the one-off perk. Those who have not done it before, well, maybe now is the time to do that. New York-based company, Meadow Office Interior used to do like wine Wednesdays and Pizza Fridays, but now that a lot are working remotely, they opted for a different perk. They partnered with SnackMagic, a Kitchen stadium where the employees can choose $45 worth of snacks to have delivered to their homes.

Another company from the United Kingdom, pays for boxes of donuts and pizzas and have them delivered to their homes as a thank you to their employees from time to time. This is just a small way to remind them that they are appreciated.

The sudden change in the environment could affect anyone’s state of mind, plus it doesn’t help that the virus is causing so much panic among the population. We must be able to provide support in our little way – to keep that sense of community and camaraderie even outside the office. These perks no matter how small, is a great way to say to your employees that they are appreciated and they are thought of. As leaders in the industry, we take care of our people. Always remember that.

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