Fears in Entrepreneurship

Finding what you really want to do is not easy. And as we grow older, it becomes even more difficult especially with all the different pressures that surround you. It is normal to have fears before doing anything, and entrepreneurs are no exception. Having fears is part of being human, and sometimes, or most of the time, fear really just do come from a place of uncertainty. So— what are some of the most common fears entrepreneurs faced or face? What can aspiring entrepreneurs take from these fears and what can everyone learn from them? Here are some of the fears entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs alike should conquer in order to do well in the industry you are in:


I think the most common fear entrepreneurs have is the fear of failure. Nobody wants to jump on a big thing that will just end up as a failure eventually. More than failing financially, there are other scenarios that we make up inside our heads that just makes it even scarier. Focusing on how much you are scared to do something will not help plans to pan out. There are many ways to prevent such a thing to happen, but if it really does, at least you get to take some important things from that experience and learn from them in order for it to not happen again. A lot of people are terrified to fail but you will need to begin somewhere first.


Another fear most entrepreneurs have is that no one will accept them. Yes, in any industry, there will always be judgment mostly from people who know nothing about you. Sometimes, even those you think who do will judge you. One way to be successful is to have confidence in yourself and if you believe that what you’re doing is good, you shouldn’t be too concerned about what other people think.


Whatever business you are going into, you are most certainly going to spend a lot of money. It’s not actually overspending what worries a lot of entrepreneurs, but it is actually going through financial woes. Which is why it is important to be educated regarding money matters. This would be a great way to not only learn to properly take control of the money that you have but also would help prevent the repercussions of mismanagement. One of the most common reasons for failed businesses is because of financial ignorance.


I think what thwarts aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their goals is their fear of making wrong or really bad decisions. Making bad decisions will definitely affect your business but you also need to allow yourself to make some in order to learn from these and do better next time. There is always room for improvement, and there are also ways for you to make good decisions. One of which is to find a mentor who could help you every step of the way.


Most people are scared of being humiliated especially if the business you once thought would succeed doesn’t end that way. But there are things that are out of our hands sometimes. You just need to stay positive and hope for the best. Being too negative and scared about the outcome will not help you and your business in any way. Just as long as you have done what is necessary, you shouldn’t be too scared about it.

Just as mentioned, having fears is natural but it should not prevent you from following your dreams. Take one step at a time, and most importantly, believe that you can do it but stay humble.

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