How I Balance My Time as A Professional Plus Tips

As we grow older, the more we appreciate time. Time to work, time to play, time to rest – these things and more, truly time is gold but oftentimes, we tend to waste it. There are always things to consider especially when there’s too much on our plate. Managing our time can be very stressful. Even the most successful people may not always get it right because there’s just so much going on, on a day-to-day basis. So how does one balance time between their personal life and profession?

I have been working so much for the past several years. Back then, my dream was to able to build a career in property development and eventually become an investor. I knew I needed to spend so much time and effort into my work to make it happen so it was a must for me to do things as efficiently as I can even if it meant sacrificing my time. Burnout is so easy to experience when you are at this stage in your professional career, so now that I am quite far along in my professional career, here are some of the things I can share with you about balancing my time.

Accept Your Limitations

When one has a dream it is just natural to be aggressive and passionate especially during the beginning, but there are times when you might overdo it. You should not think to yourself that you have a limited time budget or that you are running out of time. You cannot do everything you like no matter how hardworking you think you are, which is is why there’s the concept of delegation. When you accept that truth and embrace your limitations, pressures and stress-related concerns on your shoulder will seem lighter.

Pro tip: allocate your time strategically. If you need to keep a planner or hire someone that can plan out your day, then do it. This way, you’d be able to invest properly in each category so, at the end of the day, you’d still have time for other personal activities.


Your job is a priority. Your family is a priority. Your time is a priority. Of course, prioritizing could be tricky if you see everything that you want to do as your top priority. The best way to make this effective is to create a system wherein you get to control your day-to-day tasks, and at the same time, not forget about long-term activities that will gain momentum later on.

Pro tip: Try to start first with the simple tasks. This will help you navigate through your job. Plus, it will prevent you from being demotivated when you start with complex tasks first and fail to accomplish them.

Reality Check

Doing everything all at the same time could become overwhelming for you and block your train of thought for weeks to come. This could potentially cause you to detach yourself from reality, which would eventually make your goals seem impossible to accomplish. When you are struggling because mainly of your workflow, take a step back. As you step back, analyze where you currently are and how much progress you are doing. This could also become helpful for you to realign your schedule.

Pro tip: Take regular breaks. Your brain can’t handle too much, otherwise, it will only make things more difficult.

Time is the biggest currency anyone could have, so it’s just right that we don’t waste it. With the right mindset, attitude, and balance, you could make your dreams come true sooner than you think.

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