How to Add Value When Selling Your Property

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Updated: February 25, 2020

Majority of the time, when we are selling our homes, developments or properties we opt out for extra marketing costs. There may be hundreds of properties selling around you, here are some tips to make yours stand out from the crowd.

1. Furnishing

If you’re selling an empty property, it is a great idea is to furnish it. Your buyers are a visual bunch; what better way is there to wow them than a nice dining setting or lounge suite. Your buyers will be able to picture themselves dining with their loved ones or watching TV in comfort.

In the past I have hired a furniture rental company that virtually comes to your property and designs everything from furniture, beds to homewares, and even artwork. The outlay for this service costs around $2000 - $3000 for a six week hire of furniture and includes the design. In my case I was able to get $20,000 dollars above my reserve price. Not only did it make me more money but my property sold within a week.

2. House Keeping

This might be an obvious one but you would be surprised how many people spend all this money on online marketing to leave a cluttered home on open day. We are all victims of leaving outstanding bills on the fridge, or newspaper on the bench top.

Try to put all your cluttered mess in a drawer or stowed away in a box. Make your house look like a display home. There are organization tips online you can use for this.

3. Photography

This is mandatory however just like there are different quality of homes, there are different quality of photographers. Usually your agent will engage a photographer to take some snaps however I suggest asking for their portfolio. You will be able to see how their quality is. Don’t go for the cheapest and your most likely to get the cheapest results. Engage someone who knows how to work the room and highlight your features.

4. Scent Marketing

We all know the power that aroma has to alter our mood and evoke memories. A whiff of perfume or cologne can transport you across decades to the time when you first came across that particular scent. If you know how powerful smell can be in your life don’t for a moment suspect that marketers aren’t onto the power of scent as well. From department stores to supermarkets to car showrooms “scent marketing” is big business and an applied science. Studies have reinforced just how important smell is, even in your experience of a hotel stay.

It’s a great idea to put instill a consistent aroma that isn’t overpowering to your home.

5. Change Flooring

Updating the flooring of your property will definitely add value to it. Maybe change carpets or add hardwood or tile. It really does work wonders.

By being creative and open minded to your approach for marketing your home will benefit you in the long run. Look at it as an investment – With a little effort you can potentially make 4 times what you’ve spent

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