On Building & Planning Permits

As a developer, processes pertaining to building can be both exciting and tedious. First of all, building work requires you to consider a few things. One of which is to determine whether you will need a building permit or a planning permit, and in some cases, both. But before thinking of securing the necessary permits, what is the difference between the two? Building permits are basically related to the building construction itself while planning permits are specific legal documents that contain permission to use a particular land for development. This is often required by the local council. However, obtaining a planning permit does not mean you won’t need a building permit anymore. Most of the time, these two permits go hand in hand. And planning permits are often obtained before a building permit.

The next thing you will need is to determine when the building will commence. Once you have secured a building permit, associated with it are regulations including the dates for the commencement and completion of the building work. But, let’s say, for example, the building would take longer than the required time period specified, then building permit should be approved for an extension. Failure to do so would make the permit lapse.

For each building work, there’s a corresponding commencement and completion date. For houses and buildings, the commencement date is within 12 months within the building permit was issued, while the completion date is within 24 months since it was issued. Again, building permits can be extended just as long as it’s applied to the surveyor before the lapse of the permit. For other building work, the commencement date is the same but with longer time to complete – that’s within 36 months upon the permit was issued.

Why is a building permit important? First of all, building permits are necessary because they ensure a few things. Obtaining a building permit ensures that the building practitioners are legit and registered, and at the same time, they carry the insurance required. It also ensures that there’s enough documentation prepared for the project, and all the documents have been reviewed carefully. Also, a building permit would mean that the key stages of the building are inspected, and each one was assessed and considered suitable to push through.

Building and planning permits are just two of the necessary steps you must consider before you proceed with the building work you have been planning to carry out. Understanding these things well will make the experience much more exciting and efficient.

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