Simple Ways to Inspire

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Every one of us has a responsibility to set a good example for others, especially if you have people who look up to you. You, being in a position where you are basically the one calling the shots would not be possible without the help of someone who inspired you at some point in your life. Being an inspiration to others is something so priceless that some people just don’t realize we could all become. So, what are simple ways to inspire others?


One way to become an inspiration is to invest in people. It’s important to focus on building great relationships with your employees or the people you work with. When they know someone cares, it’s when they are able to become the best version of themselves. Asking them how they are shows that you care. Doing some simple acts of kindness goes a long way. It’s difficult to be of good influence to others when you don’t have good relationships with different kinds of people.


Trust is an important aspect in any kind of relationship. Building trust is difficult and usually takes a long time. But the tricky part is, trust can be destroyed overnight if you are not careful. Taking part in unnecessary office gossip and participating in any kind of drama that is not needed in the workplace should never be your thing. If you spread positivity instead of making ridiculous judgments on people, you are going to become a great influence on everyone, thus inspiring others to be just like you. You probably heard your mom when you’re younger say that if you have nothing good to say, then just don’t say anything. Most of the time, this is true.


Good behavior and performance among your employees should never be overlooked at. Building people up is a great way for people to gain confidence in their own abilities. When your employees are reminded of what they do best, and they are encouraged by it, they become more productive. It boosts their morale as well and this could be an inspiring thing for them. This way, you can also influence your employees to do excellent work every time. However, you also need to balance this out by not playing favorites.


One of the best ways to be an inspiring human is to treat everyone equally regardless of gender, race, beliefs, etc. It encourages everyone to do the same. This act reminds everyone that it’s not right to treat anyone differently just because of some factors. By showing people you work with that it doesn’t really matter where a person came from or what they believe in is a trait people will always remember.


Successful people who remain humble about their achievements will always leave a mark everywhere they go. Your story about how you got to where you are including the challenges you had to go through along the way are things that people find most inspiring. Remember that there’s a difference between confidence and being proud. Allow people to see you for who you are and not because you keep reminding everyone about your abilities. Inspiring others in your own little way can make a huge difference in the world.

What do you think you can do to be an inspiration to other people?

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