Simple Ways You Could Do to Get Extra Space

There’s just something special about a home that has so much space that you could move around. Some people spend huge amounts of money on that space they want. However, buying an expensive home to achieve it is not always possible. So, the next best thing is to find out what you could do without breaking your bank account.

It’s not that difficult to get that extra space. All you need to do is to find the right strategy and have the correct perspective. Here are simple ways on how you can achieve the space you’ve always wanted.


This is more complex than you’d think because decluttering after accumulating so much stuff over the years is not that simple. There’s always that challenge of letting go of things that have sentimental value, but decluttering is the simplest way to make room. You don’t need to throw everything out but there is a system you can follow. For instance, some people swear by the three-bag system. What you need to do is to have one bag for stuff you don’t need anymore, one for donating, and one for putting away.

You can also follow the Marie Kondo principle where you only keep stuff that “spark joy”. This could help you decide on items that you believe have sentimental value because let’s be honest that not everything you own sparks joy in you. But whatever your style is, decluttering is the way to go.


If you have the funds and you have both patience and time, you can start afresh by doing knock-down rebuilds. Yup, the title above says “simple”, but if you want more space, this is actually the best thing to do. Yes, it involves demolishing and knocking down walls which obviously would take some time, but for anyone who wants to change how their homes look, this is pretty much the ideal solution. The pandemic taught us to value our families more, spend more time, and even live with them so a bigger space is necessary. Renovations could be tricky but if you do it right, it could be a satisfying experience.

Multi-purpose Spaces

When lockdowns happened, we were all forced to stay at home 24/7. Working from home became the norm so there was an obvious need to make spaces as flexible as possible. Because we were able to spend so many hours indoors, we were also left looking to do creative ways to pass time. Work areas and study nooks were suddenly positioned under the stairs or even into wardrobes.

For you to achieve that needed extra space, you can be more creative. Divide big rooms with room dividers like privacy screens. You may also break up large areas into sections by using furniture, like working or study tables.

Create Storages

Another inexpensive way to make room is to look for dead spaces you can convert into shelves. You will be surprised by the endless possibilities. Try building insert shelves that would serve as décor as well. Some of these wasted areas can be considered as storage goldmines. You can also build cabinets for additional storage that will do the trick in freeing up your space.

You can also take advantage of your garden if you have one. Build storage where you can use it to avoid a cluttered home.

Take Advantage of the Attic

This one is optional since not all houses have an attic, but in case you do, don’t let it go to waste. Convert your attic into whatever you need whether your very own work area or maybe a bedroom. If you want privacy, then the attic could be the best one for you. Just compare the hassle of doing rebuilds or moving home, using the attic for what you need or what your home lacks would be a great idea.

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