Some Things Millennials Should Keep in Mind When It Comes to Their Careers

There was a question posted on Quora that said, “what are millennials doing wrong when it comes to their careers?” and honestly, I have been wondering about this very thing myself. I did some research and actually came up with a list of millennial stereotypes. Some of these stereotypes include laziness, idealism, and entitlement. This made me think, “are these really what people think of the younger generation now?” “What could be done to prove them wrong?”

In this blog post, I will try to give some professional advice on those things the younger generation should keep in mind. As part of the millennial generation, I have also been exposed to a lot of the struggles and challenges these kids have had to face and currently facing.

Stop Complaining Too Much

One of the worst things I have noticed about young people right now is that they complain about every single thing – all the time. I understand that there are things to complain about because we are only human, but if you spend your time looking at the negative side of things you will not get anywhere. Some inconvenience and disappointment are part of life. What you can do is to rise above anything that’s thrown at your way and be the best you can be. I was a High School drop out and I had no clue where I was going. But deep inside I knew that nobody can change my life for me; I should make my decision on my own. And so, I did and my life has not been the same since. Gratefulness is an amazing attitude that will get your places.

Be Open to Correction

One of the things I also noticed is that a lot of millennials get offended easily. Corrections, especially from your superior or employer are meant to help you become better at your job. You also have to embrace starting at the bottom. Not everyone will get their dream job right away. Some people need to wait longer, and while waiting, there’s plenty of room to improve. By then, opportunities will come knocking on your door.

Don’t Quit Easily

I have probably said it before that it’s important to collect experiences. I know it can be difficult to stay in a job if you’re not happy anymore. I am all about following your happiness, but it is also necessary to not make up your mind about giving up too quickly. Short stints on your resume is a bad sign because it makes employers think that you are not adaptable. Try to stay a bit longer and see to it that you will gain valuable lessons and experiences you can take with you.


Pursue Your Dreams but Be Realistic

I am a firm believer in pursuing your dreams. But I also think that being realistic is necessary for the process. Think carefully, “Is this passion worth pursuing?” If you think that the thing you are most passionate about is a great avenue for you to express your creativity or flaunt your skills and at the same time, make a living out of it, then go do it. Try to assess your skills and how it’s going to work on your advantage. It’s not to say that you are not free to dream, but you also need to make smart decisions.

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