South African Migration to Australia

The nation of Australia has been so attractive to migrants from different parts of the world. Some of the most common migrants in the country are Indians, the Chinese, Europeans, and South Africans. South Africans are not the biggest in terms of number, but their presence in the country has been nothing but benefits, especially when we talk about wealth. Australia and South Africa are two very different worlds. But it seems like the two get along so well. The two countries have a good relationship with each other. But what are the qualities Australia have that makes it so appealing to South Africans?

In 2011, the population of South Africans living in Australia was considered. The areas with the most number are Western Australia and Victoria. One of the reasons why Australia become such an appealing place for South Africans to live in is because it’s such a relaxed environment. It’s not very complicated to live in Australia, and the people are friendly. Australia and South Africa also have similarities in terms of climate and language, which is definitely a good thing because adaptability can be an issue for some.

Apart from the two mentioned above, one of the reasons why most South Africans choose to migrate to Australia is their high level of education. Aussies are generally well educated, and good schools are common. For South Africans who seek for more opportunities, Australia is one of their best bets. The country also allows dual citizenship, which means that migrants may become permanent residents without having to disregard their true citizenship. Majority of South Africans that reside in Australia are of British descent.

In 2011, census showed that over 145,000 South Africans were currently residing in Australia. That was such a huge increase over the past several years, and the population mostly comprised of those who have been in the country for a long time – some were even residents for a decade. Sydney has the most number of South African born residents, while Melbourne come in second. One major reason why a lot of South Africans choose to move to Australia is employment. There are a lot of available jobs for skilled professionals waiting, which is a huge factor when deciding where to move.

There are many reasons why Australia is where South Africans choose to reside, and looks like there’s no slowing down anytime soon.

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