The Growth of Indian Migrants in Australia

“The land down under” – this is the famous nickname given to Australia because of its location. But the fact that it’s located in the Southern Hemisphere, under the Asian continent, made the country so interesting to different nationalities. It has become so appealing to, most especially Asians that it’s become a place not just for the natives, but for migrants too. According to census data, after the Chinese population, it’s actually the Indians with the most number of migrants in Australia. But how did this happen?

It started in the 19th century when a small number of Indian migrants decided to settle in Australia, but at that time, there were either convicts or labourers brought by the British colonial government in India. By late 19th century, their population increased because more of them started to seek work in the country whether as vendors or as agricultural labourers, and they were welcomed with open arms because India is also a British colony. Centuries later, it’s the Indians that make up the second most population in terms of migrants in the country with over 1,63,000 according to the latest survey. Since 2011, the survey found over 1.3 million migrants that settled in the country. The number of Indian migrants is still behind the Chinese population, nevertheless, it’s still quite a big number.

Also, according to the survey, other than Australia, three of the most common country of birth are China, India, and the Philippines. This was not the case in 2011, where Europe is the most common country of birth found in Australia. But ever since 2011, the proportion for both China and India grew significantly. New South Wales and Victoria are still the most populous states, but in terms of migrants, Sydney and Melbourne have the most number.

Australia has been so appealing to Indian tourists as well that the growth of visitors from India that reached 274,500 last year – that’s over 15 percent growth compared to the previous year. Because Indians flock to Australia yearly, this means that this also made a huge positive effect on Australia’s economy. Actually, studies say that India’s contribution will grow up to 1.9 million dollars by 2020, which makes India an important trade and investment partner. And because it looks like there is no stopping Indians to move into the country, more investments will surely come in the future.

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