Tips for Success

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Success has different meanings. Its definition is more than just one thing, however, most of us, regrettably, only equate success with your chosen career. The more money you make or the higher position you have at a company, the more successful you are. But the truth is, success isn’t just about that.

Although success is highly subjective, there are still key ingredients to becoming more successful in both life and career. Here are some of those.


Everything starts with a dream. The first step in becoming successful is to find out what you really want to do or be. Be actively involved in finding that very thing that interests you. Once you find that something you really enjoy doing, it’s much easier to be motivated to pursue it. While yes, money is important, but if you are only doing something for the sole purpose of making it, it wouldn’t last. Pursue that dream.


It’s difficult to convince others to believe in your capabilities if you doubt yourself. Believe in yourself and your ideas because if you don’t, there’s no point in doing it. If you are passionate about something, help others see why you are. Some people may inevitably say bad things about you, but it’s not about proving them wrong but showing them the truth about your beliefs. Fight for it if you have to.. Some people may inevitably say bad things about you, but it’s not about proving them wrong but showing them the truth about your beliefs. Fight for it if you have to.


It’s not enough that you work hard on your dreams, but you must be smart about it. Being able to discern what should be the next move as opposed to just keep doing something over and over again without seeing any results is not a very smart thing to do. One of the keys to success is the ability to weigh options as well as pros and cons. There is always a need to change for the better and being open to changes is being smart.


Without learning to balance your personal life and professional life, it’s very difficult to find success. Your career could be a stumbling block for you to find that happiness. At the same time, being into your personal life could also affect your career. Know what to prioritize. Your career is important, but your mental health is too. If you keep working to the point that your mental health is compromised, you will only find that things are more difficult to balance. Never forget to make time for yourself and have fun. Spend time with your family and friends.


I think the key to being happy is gratefulness. No matter how successful you are at your job, if you do not learn how to be grateful then your personal life won’t be as positive. The never-ending quest for happiness makes us feel worse than it should. Being grateful for what you are and what you have and what you do is key to success. God is the source of everything and depending on Him rather than your own strengths is a key ingredient to gratefulness and contentment.


The cure to greed is generosity. Just like I have mentioned, success doesn’t always equate to money and career. Success can be about relationships. Having great relationships with other people and people you work with is necessary. Invest in people. Pay your blessings forward.

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