Tips on How to Effectively Work from Home

For a couple of months now, we all have been going through such a difficult time because of COVID-19. Governments all over the world are doing their very best to make sure that lives and jobs are protected. While the best solution to flatten the curve of this current pandemic is to stay away from people as much as you can, it wouldn’t be possible for employees who work at an office or those who interact with different people daily. Fortunately, the work from home set up has been done for quite some time now. In fact, it has suddenly become the norm these days. The only challenge is how to make it work.

Working from home has its own perks, and because of its uniqueness, so many people find that it works better for them. One great thing about working home is you don’t have to get up early, prepare, and travel a long way to do work – you get to do work in the comfort of your home. Unless there’s a Zoom or Skype video chat with your teammates, you literally can dress up any way you want to. But there’s another side of it that could potentially be a problem for you. Chances are, sometimes because of how comfortable the whole situation is for you, the harder it is to be productive.

It is possible to produce the same output even working from home just as long as you know the first thing about why you are doing it in the first place. Here are some tips on how you can effectively work from home especially if you’re doing it for the first time.


It may sound a little bit like a contradiction to the beginning of the blog, but maybe the reason why you can’t seem to be as productive as you would like is because you are suddenly doing something new to you. One thing you can do to is to keep a daily routine similar to the one you previously do. It’s a simple thing to do, but it allows your body to adjust to the changes without being too drastic about it. If you keep thinking that you can get out of bed anytime of the day because you are working from home anyway, it would be very hard to get out of the mindset, thus, less productivity.


If you do work in bed, your mind wouldn’t get used to the new set up. Set up a workplace away from where you sleep or normally relax. The closer you are to your workspace, the more you are persuaded to lie down or have a break which makes it harder for you to get things done. A workspace will help shift your mind to complete tasks.


You have gotten used to working on starting and ending your working hours for so long, so it would only make sense to keep doing it even if you’re working from home. It’s very helpful to remain productive because it allows you to get a sense that you are not going through that much change. Keeping a sense of both normality and formality will give you that motivation to work.


Make sure that it’s easy to reach you. Keeping clear lines of communication especially with your workmates is crucial for your productivity. This allows you to check up on everyone and keep track of what should be accomplished. Regular meetings are very helpful – you can go for phone calls or video calls to keep it personal. Many companies like that face-to-face connection for that more personal touch so video calls are done regularly.

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