Tips on Writing Blogs for Your LinkedIn

I really take time to write about the things that catch my attention and the things that are relevant to my career. There are so many things to talk about especially in the industry that I am in. People would always come to me to ask for advice on how to make it in the business. As I have previously mentioned, I started young and I believe I have experienced enough to give my two cents on things related to my industry. This made me think, “why not make blogs about it?”

LinkedIn used to work as a place for job hunters. I remember how people looking for employment would use this to upload their resumes and work on their profile. Nowadays, this “professional social networking site” mostly belong to marketers and founders. Finding connections and engaging with fellow professionals seems to be what makes LinkedIn so appealing to a lot of people. For the record, LinkedIn has now over 500 million users and these users are not just comprised of influential people. Normal people have also been on it because of the opportunities that the platform can present. As part of the LinkedIn community, I have realized how necessary it is to produce content. Although sometimes it’s not easy, I have some things I could share with you on topics that my connections seem to engage with.

Your Story

People like to read success stories a lot because it gives a lot of inspiration. It does not necessarily have to be overly dramatic because it may come across as insincere or fake many times. But what really gets to your readers is the struggles and sacrifices you have made before you got to where you are today. It allows them to see themselves in your shoes before you became successful in your field. I would always tell my story about how I almost lost my way and my life was going nowhere. And because of an idea, I was able to do something for myself and it changed my life for the better.

Updates Regarding Your Industry

And because your current career says a lot about where your passion lies, you would be able to share with your connections anything that is going on in your industry. Any updates and developments coming from reputable sources would be a great form of content for your websites and your LinkedIn account. It would be more personal if you include your two cents about a certain event or topic. It just means that you are well aware of whatever it is that is going on.

Tips and How-Tos

Some of the most effective blog topics are those that will allow your audience to try it themselves. Giving tips about doing a particular project or plan would be very helpful to a lot of people, especially to those who have been looking for something that will make things easier for them. For instance, I have written a blog about how to begin your property development career in the past. Because I understand that it’s not an easy thing to do if you don’t have the faintest idea of this world. You may also write about how to reach a specific goal on a more practical sense. These topics are appealing to the general public; however, you have to make sure that it’s something they will absolutely relate to. Avoid being too technical because not everyone has the patience to go through something like that.

What really makes a blog post a great read is the amount of knowledge one can get from it. Try to be as relatable as possible, but at the same time aim for something meaningful.

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