Types of Construction Management Plans

Anyone who is in the building and construction industry has heard about construction management plans. However, it is something that not a lot of people are familiar with, albeit, quite important especially if you’re one of these three: a client, a contractor, or a municipality.

A construction management plan or a CMP is used differently depending on who is going to use it. For instance, a client uses a construction management plan to layout the project which will identify if the initial goals are met and at the same time, see how it’s going to be evaluated after the project is delivered.

For a contractor, a CMP is utilized to detail costs, task schedules, and detailed information on how the construction work will be finished, while a municipality needs a construction management plan to understand the project’s impact on the area where it will be built. It will contain the layout as per the municipality’s fixed format.

Before making a CMP, finished construction in mind is important. It’s going to work wonders if the project’s outcome has been visualized long before it has actually been built. The building and construction industry is complex and planning is necessary.

Here are the three types of construction management plans or CMP.

Business Plan

One type of a CMP is called a business plan, which is something we are aware of. It is always necessary if you have a project. Actually, the bigger the project is, the more a business plan is needed. What should be included in the business plan are the three Ws (why, who, when) and the how. There are sections as well, and it could include feasibility study, project description, construction process, etc.


Although a CMP is normally produced on a client’s behalf, a contractor may produce one or be involved in it as per the client’s needs. This is called the Design-Build-Operate agreement.

Project Management Plan

A project management plan details the costs and the schedule of the project, including the timing of the tasks, a breakdown of the projected costs and profit, as well as the materials that will be used. There are different materials for different projects. However, these days the use of construction software has become such an integral part of the industry.

Here are some of the construction software programs that companies use nowadays.

  • Construction activity project management

  • CAD (computer-aided design) for preparing 2D or 3D project drawings

  • Construction estimating for costing projects

  • Construction accounting

Building Site Plan

Municipalities may require a plan for the project, depending on the scope and nature of it. This also includes the excavation and demolition part of the project. Of course, this plan is up for approval first and foremost. Only then will the actual building will commence. This type of CMP is also required to submit in advance under a pre-defined period of approval.

The building site plan also includes the following:

  • Public safety and site security

  • Operating hours

  • Controls to limit noise and vibration

  • Proper management of air, dust, stormwater, and sediment

  • Waste and materials re-use

  • Traffic management.

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