What Makes an Effective Real Estate Developer?

The real estate industry is cutthroat. I think we can all agree on that. While the most common career in the industry is real estate investors, but there’s also what you call real estate developers. Real estate developers have an essential role in the industry.

So, what is a real estate developer first and foremost? A real estate developer is the one who finds and buys land to create new buildings or make improvements to already existing ones. After this, they sell. It is a risky occupation. Yes, it is lucrative but it could also cause problems for you. One wrong move and your career could be in jeopardy, so it is important to make smart judgments—always.

While it is true that success as a real estate developer doesn’t happen overnight, it demands a few things. What makes an effective real estate developer? What are the characteristics that make one efficient?


There are many forms of education. It’s not confined within the four walls of a classroom; sometimes you can even get the most valuable information from a mentor you trust. However, many real estate developers have definitely attended school and studied the foundations of this industry. Education from the experts is very important to understand the ropes of the business. This avoids any risk of making wrong decisions in both the buying and selling aspect of it.

Problem Solving

It is just natural that as a real estate developer, you will encounter difficulties along the way. Bumps along the way may make or break you, so to be able to make the right decisions, problem-solving skills are necessary. However, only the well-experienced and well-informed individuals could make the right decisions. Being successful in this industry needs smart solutions to various problems. The best way to ensure this is to make sure that you know how to weigh in options while acknowledging the problem.

Interpersonal Skills

There are two types of communication: Interpersonal and Intrapersonal. Interpersonal is face-to-face communication or exchanging information with another individual while intrapersonal happens in the individual’s mind. Real estate developers are going to be surrounded by a lot of people all the time. If they don’t have the people skills, it’s going to be difficult to communicate with ease. Building rapport with different people is very important in the industry. Some people have it in themselves, some people learn it. Building relationships is the key to be a successful real estate developer.


Some people might take this the wrong way, but this industry just like mentioned is cutthroat. If you are too sensitive to criticisms, it could result in failure. Real estate developers take criticisms constructively; most times in stride. They rise above and learn from their mistakes. They adapt and try not to be too take things too personally. This characteristic comes with age and experience.


Real estate developers are in charge of buying and selling. In order to sell, improvements on the property must be made. If you are not creative, ideas could be all over the place and it could be hard to find a seller who will like the place. Successful developers have artistic sides. They also must be able to envision the outcome and what the future would look like.

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