Why having the growth mindset matters

Ever wondered why not all smart people succeed in their chosen fields? Admit it, there have been plenty of times where you encounter individuals with stories about this one kid in high school with really bad grades and who seemed to not care about anything but actually ended up to be so successful.

Sure, to be successful, it requires a lot of qualities such as hard work, determination, and intelligence. But there is one more thing that people tend to forget that makes such a huge difference in any endeavor – and that is the mindset.

After months of lockdown, nations are starting to do different things to help the economy’s fast recovery. For instance, in Australia, construction projects are given a boost so more jobs are created. It’s become such a great investment and at the same time, it helps the government to provide more. But the pandemic disrupted so many plans. Investments had to shut down. Projects were halted. It’s easy to just give up and feel so bad for yourself, but one of the ways that an individual gets to stand up again is with a positive mindset.

According to a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academic of Sciences, “the strategic mindset” is what sets apart those who succeed from those who fail. Researchers regard mindset as metacognition or the practice of thinking about the way you think. For instance, the way you process your strategies or your plans and look for any flaws which you might have encountered rather than going with your sheer force of will to rise above any obstacles you will face. It’s also about finding ways on a much easier approach to reach your goal, which would take a lot of practice. The best way to explain this is how you do self-test before exams to remember what you previously learned, rather than just reading your notes.

There are two types of mindset: fixed and growth. People with a fixed mindset believe that qualities such as intelligence and talent are inborn and unchangeable. Those who believe that qualities can be developed over time as well as strengthened by hard work and commitment have the growth mindset.

These two are both true in a sense. Some really have the talent from day one, while others are yet to discover them later in life and with lots of effort. But those who have a growth mindset have so much more room for improvement because it is about living up to one’s potential and the possibility of greatness. Having a growth mindset is believing that effort produces more than what they think they are only capable of. It’s also believing that learning in order to fully understand something is key to success.

A growth mindset is also about resilience – or the ability to persevere in the face of disappointments no matter what. There is a desire to do better and work even harder, and at the same time, discover new things. When disappointments hit you in the face, you don’t look at it as something negative, rather it is an opportunity to learn more that can lead to a positive change.

Is it possible to change your mindset? Of course, it is. It should also start during your formative years. Parents play a key role in helping their kids develop growth mindsets. Focusing on the process rather than how it will turn out will help you understand the importance of hard work, dedication, and other qualities that successful people possess.

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