Why is Conflict Management Important?

In life, conflict is something that is something that’s difficult to avoid altogether. This can also be said in any workplace. It’s a natural occurrence because people have different opinions about various topics. In fact, a little bit of conflict can be healthy at times because it means that diverse opinions are welcomed.

Although natural, it does not mean that workplace conflict should be taken lightly. When there is tension, there’s definitely going to be delays and unproductivity. There’s such a thing as proper conflict management. As leaders, this is something a lot of us should master because it really is not easy. What are the things that you should understand conflict management? Here are some of those.


Most conflicts stem from miscommunication. When there is clarity about the messages conveyed, conflict can be avoided a lot. Communication in the workplace is both verbal and written. It is incredibly important that there is transparency among employees, especially when there are issues that should be addressed. Written communication like emails that are disseminated correctly and must reach those who should receive important information. Arguments happen because of false assumptions, so in order to avoid this problem, communicating effectively must be a priority among leaders.

Part of effective communication involves listening. Leaders must know how listening without interruption could fix a lot of tension caused by arguments or may even avoid it from blowing out of proportion. Allowing parties to express their side would give room for negotiation, and leaders must also know how to effectively mediate.

Empathy and EQ

Leaders must be able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes because it helps build relationships. This is what you call empathy. When you are in a position wherein you call the shots, many times your subordinates feel like it’s difficult to connect with you. A leader must know how to understand other people’s feelings or at least try to. This allows you to identify what the needs are and what should be done.

Leaders should be open to opinions without that being judgmental. When there is respect among everyone in the workplace, chances are any kind of conflict do not fester and turn into a more serious problem.

Problem Solving

Conflict management is not just about understanding the ways to avoid conflict, but there should be concrete solutions on how to resolve the tension caused by it. There should also be concrete solutions to address issues that may arise within the workplace. Leaders are expected to come up with creative yet workable solutions to underlying problems, whether it’s related to a particular project or something within the personnel.

Some things to do in order to find the best solutions to problems require a lot of time planning. Brainstorming and meetings are excellent ways to come up with strategies. Collaboration not only helps create a bond, but it also opens doors for a more harmonious relationship. It is highly recommended that team buildings are done at least to give everyone a chance to get to know the people they are working with.

The main goal behind conflict management is for everyone to feel that their opinions matter and not to make them feel inferior in any way. Leaders should be able to set a good example. Otherwise, you will not be considered an effective one.

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